BOLD Guidance Launches First Mobile College Application Planning Tool and Raises $450K

Multi-platform software is now available to students, parents, schools and nonprofits

CLEVELAND, March 13th, 2014 –BOLD Guidance, which recently appeared in a panel at SXSW,  is today releasing the first interactive, software platform to automatically guide students through specific college applications on mobile devices. The Cleveland-based startup has received a commitment for $450,000 in Series A funding. The company hopes to close by the end of March.

The capital was raised from Flashstarts, a Cleveland-based venture fund and startup accelerator, and a fund providing capital and connections to diverse, Ohio-based high growth companies.

BOLD Guidance is the only digital college application planning tool that immediately enables students to plan their college application strategy with built-in deadlines and tasks that don’t require any data entry. The software is designed for use across mobile phones, tablets and computers.

BOLD Guidance plans to simplify the complicated college application process that overwhelms high school students, parents and guidance counselors. The software aggregates and organizes every specific college application requirement and deadline in one spot for each individual student user, and allows parents and counselors to monitor their progress. Features include:

  • College Search Functionality

  • Checklist of Specific College Application Requirements

  • Automated Deadline Reminders and Notifications

  • Application Progress Tracking for students, parents and counselors

“The average high school student applies to nine different colleges, which means they are completing approximately 100 different tasks,” said McCall. “BOLD Guidance streamlines that process and eases the headaches that go along with it.” The serial entrepreneur has worked closely with students, high school counselors and parents to get feedback on software and features for over a year. BOLD Guidance, which rolled out its private beta to 11 schools and nonprofits last fall, will use the capital raised in its current funding round to scale. The startup plans to expand its team to build out product development, sales and customer service teams. BOLD Guidance will also expand its product offering.

“If domain expertise and entrepreneurial aptitude are indicators of future success—and we at Flashstarts believe that they are—BOLD Guidance is going to be wildly successful,” said Charles Stack, co-founder and CEO of Flashstarts. “This is Nichelle’s third startup in the college admissions space in 10 years. She’s a proven expert in the field and has validated and gained traction for a product with immense market potential.”

The BOLD Guidance software is being sold to schools and nonprofit organizations, as well as parents. Schools and organizations can sign up for a free 30-day trial before purchase. Parents and students can buy their own personal BOLD Guidance package directly from the BOLD Guidance website. The software is not yet available in any app store. Once downloaded from the website, the software can be used on mobile devices, tablets or computers.


About BOLD Guidance

BOLD Guidance simplifies applying to college with a mobile and computer app. The Cleveland-based software startup guides students through the complicated college application process and allows counselors and parents view their progress. Students can stay on task by following interactive checklists and will receive automated reminders for deadlines specific to individual colleges’ applications. BOLD Guidance makes the college application process less stressful and more efficient for everyone. In 2013, the startup won first place for Best Mobile App in the national DigitalUndivided FOCUS 100 Tech Conference and third place in Northeast Ohio’s COSE Pitch Competition. For more information or to purchase the BOLD Guidance app, visit