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Why are College Visits Helpful? 5 Ways We Can Help Students

College Visits are Like Test Drives, You’ll Want to Know If It’s The Right Fit

College visits help you realize that your experiences as a student extend beyond the towering gates and state-of-the-art facilities. The visits will provide answers to questions you don’t think to ask and believe are left unanswered by your tour guide.

·         Student Body Demographic – College is a community of students from different backgrounds and outlooks on life. Don’t act “too cool.” Be sociable and engage in conversation with current students on campus to feel their vibe and find your comfort zone within the myriad of personalities on campus.

·         Erase Any Feelings of Uncertainty – Conquer your self-doubt. Students will want to feel confident they’ve made the right decision. When you walk onto the campus of your future school, bring a checklist of desired features of your dream school to compare at your visiting university.

·         School Proximity and Accessibility – Location, location, and location. The neighboring campus community is equally important as the campus itself. While visiting, picture yourself roaming around the neighborhood streets. When the coursework piles up and homesickness settles in, you’ll want to hang out at locations on or off campus where you can get away and decompress. Then ask yourself, “Can I live here post-graduation?” “Is the cost of living feasible for me?”

·         If a program or opportunity doesn’t exist, can it be created? - Every college has imperfections. If you find a flaw at your perspective school, don’t bail and look for an alternative at another university. Utilize student resource groups who will advocate on your behalf to implement change.

·         Learning Capabilities - Meet with professors to learn the aesthetics of their curriculum. It is important to enroll in the right courses with professors whose teaching practices cater to your learning style. Your future home of study should give you the academic freedom to quench your academic thirst.

Visiting college campuses will provide valuable information that a brochure, video, school website or picture cannot fulfill. Stop browsing; take a personal tour of the campus to narrow the selection process for the “right fit” to a school satisfying both your academic and personal needs.