5 Strategies to Stop Procrastinating and Tackle Those College Applications

Procrastination is a powerful temptation when you’re working on college applications, but these tips can help you get the work done faster.

College applications are procrastination-worthy work. Filling out tedious lines and writing long essays about your experiences can be daunting, especially when you have dozens of applications to fill out and countless deadlines to monitor.

If the face of such work, it’s easy to postpone your efforts, putting them out of mind to avoid stressing. But in the long-term, it’s better if you tackle those applications head on. Try using these five strategies to better cope with the volume and type of work ahead of you:

1.       Break it down into smaller steps. Everything looks smaller when it’s broken down. Take the entire process and break it down into individual applications. Take those applications and divide them into sections. Take those sections and divide those into lines. Then, create goals for each one of those little pieces.

2.       Do the hard stuff first. It might be tempting to get the easy tasks out of the way, but it’s better if you spend your energy on the hardest parts first. Then, you’ll have no trouble picking things back up for a handful of easy remaining tasks.

3.       Reward yourself. Set several goals for yourself along with several possible rewards if you achieve those goals—like a nice dinner if you complete all your essays by a certain date. It will keep you on track and give you a nice break between applications.

4.       Break in the middle of your tasks. If you complete one application entirely, it might be tempting to take a break before the next. But it might be more advantageous to start the next application while you’re on a roll, and take a break while you’re in the middle of it. You’ll be less likely to procrastinate picking things up again.

5.       Tell people about your goals. The more public your goals are, the more likely you’ll stick to them. Tweet about your goals, and hold yourself publically accountable for them.

Put these strategies to good use and start knocking out your applications one by one. Once you get into a groove, there will be no stopping you—especially if you use college application management software like BOLD Guidance to help you stay organized.