A Parent's Guide to Standardized Tests for College Application Help

Guiding Your Students to a High Score

Parents you want to be knowledgeable and active participants in your student’s college admission experience. Standardized tests have created a loud buzz in today’s college market. The ACT, SAT and SAT subject tests are known as the “Holy Grail,” the gatekeeper to your student’s educational future. Intimidating right? No worries, ___


·         Why Do Colleges Require Standardize Tests? – Standardize testing is a controllable system and objective method colleges used to balance college applicants based on what they learned in their different school districts.


·         Value of Standardized Tests On My Child’s Future – Don’t fall into the controversy surrounding standardize tests. Essentially the SAT tests a student’s test reasoning and verbal abilities and the ACT tests what the student has learned in school. Students who usually perform well have a better chance of getting into their first choice schools and/or rewarded merit scholarships. But we all have our good and bad days and college admission counselors are well aware your student’s academic record centers around how they perform over an extended timeframe and not just one time. More and more schools are offering test optional program for their admission’s selection. Besides, if your comparing your student’s low-test scores to another student’s high scores don’t worry they probably cheated anyway! LOL


·         What Can I Help My Student Give Their Best Performance? – Don’t let your students lose themselves in the moment. This does not mean micromanaging, if anything they need your positive encouragement. Encourage your student to test as early has their sophomore year in high school. An early start enables your student to understand the strategy of the tests and their differences. Sit down with your student to create a realistic study plan, outlining study time, study tools and methods and projected score. This way you and your student are on the same page and can track progress, making adjustments when and where necessary.


·         What Resources Are Available For My Student? – Go to your local library and pick up some SAT and ACT practice books. Most community libraries and local organizations sponsor free test prep classes giving your student additional prep help. Encourage your child to form a peer study group to assist them in developing creative strategies to answer questions and retain material in addition to providing moral support for each other. There are also online services that offer practice tests and supplemental review material.

Parents help your student be a successful test-taker so they can show their best self and accurately showcase their intellectual potential to college admission counselors.