What’s Important When Applying to College?

Colleges invite students who will help them strive in achieving their mission. Students are evaluated based off their unique talents. During your admission experience follow your heart and go in the direction of your dreams. Show counselors the authentic YOU.


·         You Are in Charge – Education equals opportunities. Everyday you should look to inspire in immeasurable ways. Students, this is your moment so make it everything you want and more. Focus on your collegiate goals and what drives your pursuit for higher education. #CollegeIsPower

·         Set Expectations – The only limitations in your way are the ones you set for yourself. What are you looking to achieve during your college years? How do you plan on transforming the lives of others? Where can you go to receive the best opportunity to achieve your aspirations? #ReachHigher

·         You Make the Experience – No one can make your experience but you. Your school may not look like what you want it to but your experience will be everything you need it to be and more. Education is a process of stimulating and awakening students from their very core to develop the power within to create happiness. It is not where you went to school but what you accomplished while at school that matters the most.   

·         You Are Not Alone – Find comfort in your support team they are here to uplift you very step of the way helping you cope with any difficulties during your college admission’s experience. Also, work with academic mentors and take advantage of high school resources to help you navigate through the college application. #EmpowerU

·         Demonstrate Intellectual Curiosity – Don’t let anyone or anything blanket your creativity. Your imagination is infinite. Creativity and curiosity are nutrients for our intellectual spirit. Be BOLD creativity and continue to ask questions to stretch your curiosity. Colleges are looking for your spark of creativity can spread this momentum among their student body in hopes to inspire other students to act upon their deepest aspirations.


Go in the direction of your intellectual pursuits and reach for the stars even if you fall you will stumble across the moon. Don’t let the overwhelming stress overshadow the reason you decided to go to college in the first place. Remember, this is YOUR experience and YOU are the most important aspect throughout this entire experience.