Parent Concerns in the College Application Process: Rejection

Realistically, not every college letter that arrives in the mail will offer your student an opportunity to attend their school. Though the admissions office may decline prospective students admission to their school, it’s not the end of the world.

Parents should be prepared to provide your son or daughter survival tips on handling rejection.


·  Students Only Get A 24 Hour Whine Period – After being rejected by their dream school your son or daughter may be distraught and discouraged. Allow your student no more than 24 hours to vent. Afterwards, its time to move on, regroup and apply positive energy into the next application.

·  Don’t Let One Loss Diminish Their Motivation – It’s best to have several choices or options. Putting their hope and energy into one particular school is risky and limits their opportunities. Remind your student the more choices, the more chances for admission.

· Sometimes the First Choice Isn’t the Best Choice – Sit down with your student to reevaluate their choice schools. Encourage son or daughter to research comparable schools offering the same academic program and amenities.

· Failure Really Means Success – Failure signifies the beginning and end of a struggle inviting an opportunity for insight and growth. Contact the admission counselor to clarify the denial of student application. Share this feedback with your student and strategize any last-minute changes they can make to future application and/or interviews to increase opportunity for admission to the next school(s) they apply.  

Perseverance is the key to achieving goals through adversity. Students are more special than their college applications can ever articulate. Parents remind your student the importance of not giving up. At this juncture in their college application process reiterate that hard work, patience, being open-minded and persistence will result in attainable goals.