10 Habits of Successful Students When Applying to College

The Magic Formula of the Most Successful College Applicants

Applying to college is a tedious process that has most applicants cringing from beginning to end. The most successfully college applicants are those who can optimize their to-do lists and work smart, not hard to ensure every requirement is met and they still have time to breathe during the process. The secret is simple.

1.      Efficient Time Management Skills – This time in the semester students may experience a build up of stress trying to balance their heavy course load, extracurricular activities and college applications. Students who can divide their time up to balance conflicting demands will fulfill all requirements on time.

2.      Organized – Detail-oriented students set priorities to help them track their progress and follow through on every one of their scheduled tasks producing positive results.

3.      Start Early to Get Ahead – Forward thinkers divide their workload into manageable chunks to ensure every tasks is completed thoroughly. The earlier students work on their applications the more time they will have for feedback and review.

4.      Ask Questions – Students learn by asking questions keeping information at their fingertips readily available when needed.

5.      Open-Minded – Students who think actively and let their curiosity drive their work ethic never stop learning. Expose yourself to new ideas and learn from these experiences. Admission counselors want you to share these growing moments. Education is about learning and experiencing and college opens more doors.

6.      Motivated – Senioritis is real and it is easy to slack off. But those students who stay focused and stay on the grind will experience positive results come enrollment time.

7.      Challenge Yourself – Colleges appreciate students who take an initiative and are willing to take risks and show their individuality. Strengthen your academic portfolio by participating in out of the box experiences to help broaden your perspective.  

8.      Set High Expectations – Check in with your goals to evaluate if you have reached set milestones. If unable to meet goals modify your work ethic to produce different results.

9.      Follow Up – Foster relationships with school’s alumnus and admission representatives who can serve as an advocate on your behalf during the admission selection.

10.  Resourceful – Exhaust any and all resources afforded to you. Take advantage of underutilized college prep resources made available to better position you for college enrollment.

The college application acts as one big puzzle playing advent mind games with its users. But it doesn’t take a mastermind to figure it out. Successful students practice good habits that help them work against the grain and get the job done.