What if I Don't have Extracurriculars? 5 Strategies to Boost Your College Application

Extracurricular activities look fantastic on your college application, but if you don’t have any to show, there are plenty of other options.

As you went through high school, you were probably more concerned about making it through than you were about what would look best on a college application. If you didn’t sign up for any extracurricular activities like sports or clubs, you might be kicking yourself now that you realize how good those activities look on a college application.

But don’t worry! All is not lost. There are plenty of strategies and initiatives you can take to make up for a lack of extracurricular activities. Try these five strategies:

1.       Take a leadership position. If you have an after-school or part-time job, try to achieve some kind of leadership position there, and cite that experience. You could become a manager, or a trainer, or take a new initiative.

2.       Volunteer for a nonprofit organization. Just a few hours a week is plenty to make a lasting impression on your college of choice. Almost any kind of nonprofit or charity organization will do.

3.       Seek an internship. If you’re attending college for a specific program, try to find an internship or volunteer position for a company in that field. It shows great initiative and dedication to your field.

4.       Work with community leaders. Make an effort to make a difference in your community by working with community leaders for some type of program. Do what you can to get involved.

5.       Start your own organization. Why join somebody else’s club? Start your own extracurricular club or organization, and hold regular events to get people excited about it. Colleges love go-getters and leaders.

Colleges and universities take several factors into consideration when they wade through potential applicants. No single fault can exclude you from being accepted. Do your best, show off your best qualities, and everything else will happen naturally.