Parent Concerns in the College Application Process: Timing

The college application process is stressful for students and parents alike, and appropriate timing is one of the biggest concerns for both.

Watching your child try to handle his/her college applications independently can fill you with worry. Will he/she be able to complete everything in time? Will he/she remember all the deadlines and file things in an appropriate amount of time?

You want to stay involved and help your child time everything correctly, but you also don’t want to be a nag or a control freak about the situation. So what can you do to help manage the difficulties and stress of college application timing without interfering too much?

First, separate everything into different categories. Financial aid is different from college applications, and college applications are different from immediate attendance. While college applications are important because they determine admittance or rejection, understand that improperly filing one application is not going to crash the whole system.

Second, find a system that your child can use to succeed. Instead of directly managing everything in his/her place, work with him/her to find a balanced system that can be used to successfully remember and execute on specific deadlines. For some, this may be an intuitive application like BOLD Guidance. For others, it may be a tangible, pen-and-paper kind of system.

Third, help your child prioritize. Try not to become too domineering or biased, but help guide your child in finding a way to prioritize items properly. Understanding what is most important and what can wait a few days is the key to getting everything done on time.

You can’t complete your child’s college applications for him/her, but you can go a long way in making the process easier and more manageable for him/her. If you’re interested in a free trial of the BOLD Guidance application, sign up today!