Parent Concerns in the College Application Process: Applying to the Right Schools

Parents often worry whether their children are applying to the right schools, but there are several ways to ease this concern.

College is a big step. The type of college your child chooses to attend will play a major role in the future of his/her academic career. There are many qualities to consider when looking at the advantages and disadvantages different schools have to offer, and of course you want the best possible choice for your child.

Still, the ultimate decision will rest with your child. All you can do is share your opinion, give them the widest range of possible options, and give them everything they need to make an informed decision. When considering potential colleges to apply to, keep the following in mind:

·         Price range. Never exclude a college just because it seems too expensive, but do keep costs in mind when applying so you can better prepare for what kinds of financial aid you will need.

·         Location. Does your child want to stay close to home or go somewhere with a more suitable atmosphere?

·         Programs. Does your child have a specific field he/she wants to get into, or is he/she currently undecided?

·         Career placement. What percentage of graduates from the school in question end up getting a job in their given field?

·         Faculty. Look at the types of professors and teaching staff that are available onsite.

·         Resources. Are there ample resources, such as libraries and recreational facilities, on campus?

Also keep in mind that applying to a given college does not commit you to that choice. Throughout the application process, you should encourage your child to apply to as many colleges as possible that meet his/her baseline requirements. There is ample time to make a final decision.