Parent Concerns in the College Application Process: An Apathetic Child

From Apathetic to Achieving All-Star!

Some students see college as just prerequisite stage to getting a job so they will go through the motions unenthused just to simply check the box. Students should be actively engaged in their college admission experience taking a vested interest in their pursuit for higher education. Parents learn techniques to guide your college bound son or daughter through their anxiety in preparation to enrolling in a college or university.


·         Stress the value of higher education as a stepping stone to future endeavors

·         Search for youth leadership programs that expose student to college recruitment events targeting first time students

·         Encourage your son or daughter to shadow college students.  They're more inclined to connect with those they trust and will listen to their concerns

·         Find a mentor to advise your child on the admission process and college culture

·         Develop a plan A, B, and C. Prioritize the list of schools from the favorite to the least favorite according to anticipated major, size, location, tuition and special interests 

·         Encourage your student to explore their interests and find their passion. Show the connection between his or her passion and the experiences college will offer

·         Highlight famous individuals familiar to your students who used college as a platform for their success. Students love to follow their role-models and this could be the needed motivation to get them going

·         Make handy a reference list with contact numbers of trust people your child call go to for support and help them make decisions. If your student is not responsive to you they may confide in these individuals to help them through their struggles


Encourage your student to take a leap of faith. Your son or daughter is excited about their newfound independence but maybe nervous about leaving home and now hidden fears and doubts have entered their minds. Parents, talk to your student about his or her future plans and demonstrate how college is an available outlet to help them achieve their goals.