How Can I Make Applying to Colleges Easier?

Persevere Through the College App, Don’t Let It Set You Back

Applying to college is an experience from conception to completion and can be one of life’s most challenging milestones. Juniors and seniors – this is the year of high expectations, greater responsibility, oh and one more thing - COLLEGE! Balancing your course load, leadership roles and extracurricular activities can be a headache and applying to college is the most daunting of them all. The good news is, no matter how difficult the journey you can always see it through.

1.      Draw Out Your Dream School - Figure out what you want and ask yourself where can I find it.  Can you blend in with larger crowds or do you prefer to stand out in smaller groups? Are you a sports fanatic? Can you focus in lecture halls? Do you want to join any campus life clubs or organizations? Once you have created your criteria, you can use online college search databases to help you find the perfect match.

2.       Attend College Fairs – Circuit the room with your priority list handy ready to take notes. Ask questions to sharpen your focus and find the best campus fitting to your needs. Network with different college representatives they could offer leading advice on different college-prep resources beneficial to you.

3.      Less Is More Prospective colleges will stalk your mailboxes and e-mails with brochures and e-newsletters trying to lure you in. Stay focus and only apply to schools that serve all of your needs. Apply to a maximum of five schools, this means less administrative troubles, less stress and less anxiety when waiting on acceptance letters.

4.      Organize – Details are everything! Create a separate email account for all college correspondence and keep a log of all usernames and passwords for online applications. As you work save each application and supporting documents in labeled folders. After submitting your applications follow up with admission counselors to confirm that all necessary documentation has been received.

5.      The early bird gets the worm!Write down deadlines in a personal calendar and keep track of specific deadlines for each application component required by you, your parents and your high school. Don’t scramble until the last second to finalize your applications. In the end you will appreciate the extra time. 

6.      Rally Up A Cheer Squad Every superstar needs a support system. Reach out to academic counselors, mentors, current college students, and family who can help guide you on making difficult decisions and offer moral support.

Applying to college should never feel like a series of systematic never-ending tasks, don’t let the “process” hinder your journey to new beginnings.