College Application Basics: 10 Things to Know Now

Applying to college is a major commitment blindsiding students with new information and tedious amounts of red tape. Here is how college bound students can navigate the college application.


1.      Deadlines and Timeframes – Don’t miss out on your dream school! Write down all application deadlines in a visible space to budget time accordingly. Work backwards to create a work plan that allows you to efficiency manage your time so you don’t spread yourself thin.

2.      Enrollment Periods – Early, regular or rolling. Depending on your interest and acceptance probability apply during the enrollment that maximums your opportunity of getting in.

3.      Requirements of Admissions – Before you apply to a school understand its admission requirements and if your student profile fits the mark as a match, safety or reach school.  

4.      Application Fees – Fees range from $35-$60. Save yourself money and only apply to schools that you are seriously interested in. For additional support, check with your guidance counselors to see if you are eligible for waivers.

5.      Supplemental Application Components - Submitting the application is not the student’s sole responsibility. Pull in your parents, teachers and guidance counselors and distribute their individuals and explain what is needed of them so everyone can help you get the application(s) submitted.

6.      Honesty is the Best Policy – Most schools require students to sign their code of integrity policy to certify any and all information submitted on is authentic. Students, if you have any disciplinary or criminal infractions tell the truth. There will be an opportunity on the application or with an admission counselor to explain the mishaps and how it was resolved.

7.      Personal Statement is Your Echo – Here is your opportunity to express your voice to admission counselors directly. Your words should be colorful and articulate your energy as a student. Leave a piece of yourself in your essay.

8.      Revise, Revise, Revise – Go over every line of your application and make sure it’s flawless. Applications with notable errors are likely to get tossed because it says to admission counselors that you don’t apply yourself to present a polished work.

9.      Repetition Saves Time – You will be asked for all your parent and student profile information on EVERY application so have it handy and documented in one place. Saving you more time and fewer headaches.

10.  Smile. It’s Supposed to be an Enjoyable Experience – Have fun and enjoy the journey!

At first the college application might seem like an obstacle course but once students get the system down it will soon feel like clock work!