8 Extracurricular Activities Parents Should Suggest for College Application Help

Versatility attracts the eye of college admission counselors                              

Students are the gatekeepers of their academic and intellectual potential. Colleges favor students willing to take full advantage of opportunities nurturing their passions and enriching campus communities. Encourage your student to engage in extracurricular activities showcasing their diverse interests' and skills. Below are suggested activities to elevate your student's college application.

              Entrepreneurship Experience – Colleges look for students who are proactive and self-starters to start an initiative on their own. Admission counselors want student leaders, those who have the respect of their peers and whose presence creates a strong influence over others.


·         Mentorship, Reach One, Teach One – Serving as a student mentor depicts confidence and selflessness to benefit others. Colleges hope students will be able to take what they gain at their school and pay it forward to their peers.


·         Sports Teams – Students involved with sports possess leadership, social and problem solving skills. Interest is higher for students who can lead a group and effectively communicate a plan to accomplish goals through teamwork.


·         Speaking a Foreign Language – Mastering communication skills is essential for students to perform well in college. Bilingualism shows the student can adapt to people from different backgrounds and overcome cultural barriers within their campus communities. 


·         Explore the World, Study Abroad - Colleges want to attract open-minded students who are culturally competent and adventurous. Recruiters seek students who are able to strengthen cross-cultural communication and interaction within their student body.


·         Volunteerism – Volunteering reflects the student’s civic responsibility and commitment to address societal issues. Admission counselors seek students who initiate change within their community.  


·         Participation in Visual, Musical or Dramatic Arts – Colleges aspire to create environments for students to express themselves creatively within that space.


·         Internship Experience – While some students may be unclear of their career choices, it is beneficial to explore a multitude of fields compatible to their interests. Students acquire professional development skills showing admission counselors the student understands how to conduct him or herself within a professional work environment.


Extracurricular activities are venues showcasing your child’s distinct interests. The variation and involvement of activities gain the attention of the college recruiter and enhances your child's application. Admission counselors will be weighing both academic and community involvement in the rewarding of acceptance letters and lucrative financial aid packages.