6 Types of College Application Help to Give Your Child

Make sure you’re giving your child the right kind of college application help by giving him/her the power to make his/her own decisions.

Sometimes, it feels like it would be easier to take over the application process and get everything done on your child’s behalf, but obviously, there are many reasons why you can’t do this. College applications are your child’s chance to finally make independent decisions and start his/her journey into adulthood and a career.

There are many types of help you can’t give your child throughout this process: you can’t write his/her essays, and you can’t decide which schools he/she applies to. However, there are many types of help you can give your child. For example:

1.       Find schools that meet his/her requirements. Don’t decide on the requirements on his/her behalf, but if your child has a few ideas in mind, start looking for similar choices as alternative options.

2.       Schedule college visits. You can contact college counselors and guides to arrange a visit, and go with your child to see each university in person.

3.       Proofread and give feedback on his/her essays. You can’t do the writing, but you can give your honest feedback and help your child find any errors throughout the text.

4.       Give advice and share your own experiences. Don’t push your child in any given direction, but do tell them your thoughts and share your personal experiences whenever there is a crossroad.

5.       Bestow resources and tools to help him/her succeed. If an app can help him/her stay organized with deadlines, by all means, give him/her access to it!

6.       Congratulate him/her for major milestones. Celebrate whenever your child finishes an application completely.

With these types of help in mind, consider signing up for a free trial of the BOLD Guidance app. It can help your child stay focused and organized, while giving you insights into his/her progress—without having to nag!