5 Ways a College Visit is Helpful for Parents

Visiting A College From The Inside Out

College may be your student’s first introduction of adulthood and experience of the real world. Parents will want to help student find the perfect college environment. Parent should ask themselves, “Does this school offer an environment for my son or daughter to be successful?” While touring college campuses parents should take note of these key aspects:

·         Strong Network and Support System – Parents you’ll want to meet staff, administrators and current students who can provide insight about the school’s campus life. Ask admission counselors about the school’s alumni relations and community outreach networks that can aid in your child’s social and professional development. Knowing your student has excess to these resources will help ease your anxieties.

·         Your Baby Is Growing Up – College visits help parents understand the difference between high school and college environments. College is not an extension of high school. Yes, it is hard to see your child leave the nest. Campus visits assist with the realization of your student’s independence. Visiting campuses reassure that your student is in a safe environment to make mature decisions.

·         Parents Connections – These trips connect parents to a directory of other families to network, exchange information and establish support systems. Parents can build relationships with other families and discover new opportunities to help their children succeed.

·         Socially Conscious Environment? – Parents you’ll want to ensure the social climate of the campus will act as a safe haven for your child’s cultural lens. Check out campus publications and student blogs to learn what current students are saying about their experience at the university.

·         Cost Effectiveness – You’ll want your student to have the best resources/services/amenities aimed at helping them to reach their greatest potential. Make sure your financial investment affords your student the best hands-on experiences to achieve their career aspirations.

Be progressive when pairing your son or daughter’s educational pursuits, social interests and moral beliefs with the experience and resources a particular college has to offer. Help them find an atmosphere in which they may embark on a personal journey through and beyond college.