5 Annoying Qualities of College Applications and How to Overcome Them

Applying to College Made Easy

The competitive nature of applying to college can be very overwhelming. The college application is a document where students showcase their most distinctive and intangible assets. Tackling college applications can be a tedious and exhausting experience. Don’t get discouraged, find own systemic solutions and create your own shortcuts to help you levy through the college application. 

·         Don’t Overwhelm Yourself With the Appearance of the ApplicationTry not to get lost in the multiple components of the application or sink too deep in the wordy blocks of text. Highlight the different sections to break it down into smaller doses so you know what information you need to collect for each required part.

·         Every Detail MattersMore college applications should come with a roadmap to learn how to navigate through them considering the exhaustive list of supplemental components required. Securing these documents entails frequent back and forth exchanges between your teachers, guidance counselors parents. Create files for each prospective school and organize the different tasks according to guidance counselor, parent and student. Collect updates on everyone’s individual progress to regularly remind them about their role in your application.

·         The Personal Statement Shouldn’t Intimidate You – The college essay is a blank canvas waiting to be inked in your story. Admission counselors want you to illustrate your individuality and morality as a student. Consider the gray areas of your life, the mumbled words you leave boxed in the empty margins of your journal, the parts of your life you tend to leave off your resume that speak to your character outside the classroom, these are the most significant parts of your life that admission counselors are dying to hear.

·         Don’t Let Your Test Scores Define You – Find schools that offer test-optional programs. If your ACT or SAT scores are not too bright highlight your leadership and community service activities to show your qualities and characteristics outside of the classroom.

·         Interviews Should Never Be Intimidating - Colleges host interviews to personalize the admission experience, not to change the complete outcome. Admission counselors like conversations not a long-drawn series of Q&A. There is no reason to be intimidated just act natural and be you. Mention your weaknesses, reflect on your improvements and highlight the energy you can bring to the university.

Overcome the hustle of applying to college and do not let demanding deadlines and requirements prevent you from articulating your best self.