Who Cares? 10 Reasons College Applications Matter

The pressures of applying for college might leave you feeling unmotivated, but there are many reasons why it’s an important part of the experience.

You know college is important, or else you wouldn’t be reading this article. But why does the college application process have to be such a pain?

We’ve been there. We know it’s stressful, difficult, and time consuming, but the benefits of the college application experience are innumerable:

1.       You get a chance to show your stuff. You’ve worked hard in high school, in and out of the classroom. It’s time to show off those accomplishments and get a little credit for them.

2.       You’re in control. You’ve been doing what you’ve been told for too long. Now, you finally have the chance to gain complete control over your future. Exercise that power!

3.       You can see what you like and don’t like. Experiment with different schools. Go on visits and figure out exactly what’s important to you.

4.       Be yourself, more than ever. You’re finding a personality fit as much as anything else when you scout for colleges to apply to. What college is most like you?

5.       The hard part is over with first. Schools have to go through a screening process. Once this step is over and you pick the perfect school, everything gets easier.

6.       It’s good practice. Writing a college entrance essay is a sneak preview of what real college essays will demand of you.

7.       You’re opening doors. The more applications you fill out, the more final options you’ll have down the road.

8.       It’s the only way to move forward. Unfortunately, there’s no way to sneak in the back door of college. Applications are something everyone has to go through if they want more schooling.

9.       It’s a chance for reflection. High school was a big deal. College applications are the perfect chance to reflect on where you succeeded and where you could have improved.

10.   It makes you appreciate your education. It may not seem like it now, but if you’ve earned your way in, you’ll feel better about your education than if you slipped in without effort.

It’s going to take some effort, but once you’re done filing your applications, you’re going to feel on top of the world. If you’re interested in a little extra help to keep yourself organized—sign up for a free trial of BOLD Guidance.