How Do I Get the College Application Help I Need?

College applications are incredibly stressful, and sometimes it’s hard to find the help you need.

When you start filling out college applications, it might feel so overwhelming that you begin to question why you’re doing them. But college applications are extremely important—they help you better understand the schools you’re interested in, they give you a chance to show off your efforts in high school, and they give you the chance to broaden your education options.

It’s natural to run into some difficulties and get stressed out, but remember—you are surrounded by people who want to help you! You are responsible for completing your applications—meaning, you can’t ask someone to write your essays for you—but there are many ways to get some assistance.

·         If you don’t even know where to start, talk to one of your school guidance counselors. They’ve helped many people through this process, and they can point you in the right direction.

·         If you don’t know where to apply, attend a college fair or talk to your parents and older friends about potential options to start looking at.

·         If you’re stuck on writing essays, get some advice from your English teachers and your peers. And remember, these essays are meant to demonstrate your character. Write from the heart, and try not to worry about them so much.

·         If you can’t keep track of all the deadlines, create a reminder system or use technology like the BOLD Guidance app to keep everything in one place.

·         If you’re worried about affording college, stop. Finances can come later. There are thousands of grants and scholarships available, but the first step is getting accepted.

·         If you feel alone or exceedingly stressed, talk to someone. It could be a parent, a counselor, or just a friend. Vent your frustrations and voice your worries. Someone will be there to listen.

Nothing can make college applications go away, but there are plenty of options to make them easier. Stay optimistic, keep working hard, and eventually your efforts will pay off.