5 Ways to Give Your Child College Application Help

College applications should be your child’s responsibility rather than yours, but there are still many ways you can lend a helping hand.

When your child starts applying to colleges, it can be tempting to take the process over. There will be a seemingly infinite number of deadlines to remember and requirements to meet, and it’s burdensome for anyone person to keep track of it all.

Still, applying for college should be left to your child as much as possible. If you step in too far by filling out applications for your child or nagging him/her to do things in a certain way, the purpose of the process—for your child to find an ideal school and be accepted based on his/her own merits—could be lost.

It is important to help when you can, however, and these five ways are some of the best ways you can assist:

1.       Listen. Sometimes just listening to someone’s stressors is enough to help him/her overcome them. Listen to your child’s worries, concerns, and struggles whenever you have the opportunity.

2.       Give advice. You can’t make any decisions for your child, but you can tell them your thoughts and opinions. Try to remain as unbiased as possible, but state your opinions frankly if you’re asked for your advice.

3.       Find options. If your child doesn’t know where to begin, you can help him/her by selecting options you think might be an ideal fit. Again, refrain from directing the situation with your own bias.

4.       Go on visits. Help your child by scheduling and executing onsite visits of colleges that interest him/her.

5.       Establish a system. Work with your child to create a system that works for him/her—one that keeps him/her focused and reminds them of upcoming deadlines.

Remember, you can also sign up for a free trial of our college application management software, and keep track of your child’s progress while giving him/her all the tools he/she needs to succeed!