10 Tips to Nail Your College Interview

College interviews can be intimidating, especially for a new college applicant, but put these 10 tips to use, and you’ll come out on top!

College interviews aren’t always required, but when they are, it’s critical to make a good impression. During your interview, your interviewers will be using your answers and your presentation to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for their school. As such, you’ll want to do everything you can to leave a great impression.

Use these 10 tips to nail your interview:

1.       Practice. You won’t be able to practice with the actual interviewers, but you can practice with your friends and family. Simulate the experience by creating a formal setting and doing a “mock” interview.

2.       Prepare for Possible Questions. Write up a list of potential questions the interviewers may ask you, and some responses that go along with them. Don’t rehearse them to the point of exhaustion, but do get an idea of what you want to say.

3.       Research the College. Show that you’re truly interested in the school by researching it beforehand—show off your knowledge during the interview!

4.       Arrive Early. Being late to your interview could leave your interviewers with a bad impression. Show up early!

5.       Dress Appropriately. Interviewers want to see that you’re taking your entrance into college seriously. Wear professional attire, and look your best on the day of the interview.

6.       Be Yourself. Don’t try and pretend you’re someone you’re not. Show off your personality and your character!

7.       Don’t Ramble. More isn’t always better. Try to answer questions fully, but concisely.

8.       Speak Clearly and Confidently. Don’t be arrogant, but speak with a voice of authority and confidence.

9.       Answer Every Question Honestly. Even if it’s not the best possible answer, respond to every question with honesty. Getting caught in a lie could mean the end of your college enrollment.

10.   Follow Up with a Thank-You Note. It makes a great, lasting impression.

Put these tips to good use, and you’ll come out of your interview with a great chance of being accepted.